Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Kobold Menace of Witchover, Session 1

Dramatis Personae:

  • · Lily Flower, a half-elven cleric, played by my wife Maria
  • · Iona Shalot, a half-elven ranger, played by Kate
  • · Remo, a human monk, played by Chris
  • · Finchetto, a halfling baker, played by me

Our heroes met while traveling in a caravan. The caravan was destined for the town of Witchover. The Spring Festival in Witchover attracts people from far and wide with its large market. Many merchants stay for much of the spring, through until Mayfair.

The people of Witchover are guided and protected by the Lord Mayor Colin, who has a permanent office in the manor house overlooking the fountain square.

Upon arriving in Witchover, our heroes made for the Rusty Lantern (aka The Lamplight Inn). There the party met Wendy, a niece of Rusty the proprietor. Remo diced with some children – Rachel, Seth, and Henry. He paid each child a copper farthing for their service as eyes and ears in the town. While dining, our heroes learned of some kobold bandits who have been stealing cows and goats.

Remo immediately saw return on his investment. The children returned, announcing, “Old man Axel’s taken a drubbing.” Our heroes sped away to Axel’s farmstead where Lily healed Axel back to health.

Axel and his wife, Linda, informed the party that kobolds stole their milk cow. When Axel followed, he saw the kobolds drag the cow into a labyrinth. Axel was then jumped by goblins that beat him severely. The goblins were driven off by their fear of another group of humanoids. Axel fled home.

The Lord Mayor Colin arrived to look in on Axel and Linda. The mayor offered a reward of two hundred fifty gold crowns if the party saw to the kobold menace.

Following a map Iona drew from Axel’s sketches, our heroes went to the labyrinth’s entry way, There they decided to eat from the rations Linda provided while they plotted. They devised a plan to set traps and await the night when the dungeon denizens might emerge.

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Remo-19 said...

Remo's Comment:
All is as the Scribe has related. However, I would like to note that the Lord Mayor Collin, while a very nice fellow is perhaps a Sissy-boy. I am not overly concerned with this as the gods have populated the world with sissy-boy's since the dawn of time and they serve some purpose no doubt. It is merely an observation. As a Monk of the Way of Rohn, I practice the arts of war daily s part of my path to physical and spiritual growth. As a result I question whether sissy-boys ought to be Lords and rulers and such? Perhaps, politics is and should be the very province of sissy-boys and all the fighting and real work is meant to be performed by men and women of courage. If I survive the night's ambush I will contemplate this during my morning meditation session.