Monday, April 20, 2009

A Brief History of Early Yore

Long ago, before reckoning, Yore was a peaceful, plentiful land. People knew no danger, fear, or want. Everything was in balance. Life was so easy that people never needed to develop cities or tools. Time was so plentiful, and life so secure, that people turned to their imaginations and discovered the arcane arts of magic.

Over time, things changed. Perhaps a summoning brought him, perhaps he found a world ripe with potential, whatever the cause, the demon Abraxas came to Yore. He threw everything into chaos. What's more, with Abraxas came monsters. The world became a hostile, perilous place.

When the Archons found Yore, the paradise was torn asunder. Together, the Archons taught the inhabitants of Yore how to fight Abraxas and the monsters. The arts and sciences that are still practiced today were imparted on the people. Through the judicious use of their knowledge, tempered by their hearts, the people of Yore freed themselves of the demon Abraxas's power and created a great civilization.

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